GSM/GPRS Wireless Telemetry

  • GSM/GPRS Wireless Telemetry

    X9101-GSM Telemetry RTU

    The X9101-GSM Telemetry RTU is fully programmable and can transmit, receive and log Analogue, Digital and Pulse Counter data to Web based applications and to other X9101-GSM units. It is housed in an IP67 enclosure and has a variety of power options with battery back up and power fail indication.

    Price Range: £39 - £299.

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  • GSM/GPRS Wireless Telemetry

    X9100-GSM-3 Telemetry Engine

    The X9100-GSM Telemetry Engine is a low cost, fully programmable GSM/GPRS module which can transmit receive and log analogue, digital and pulse counter data to any device connected to the GPS/GPRS network such as mobile phones, Web Sites or other X9100-GSM Telemetry Engines.

    Price Range: £19.7 - £289.

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  • GSM/GPRS Wireless Telemetry

    X9400-IoT Quad Pulse Counter

    The X9400-IoT Quad Pulse Counter connects directly to a website. It is a low cost OEM, universal GSM module which operates on any GSM Network. The four independent 32 bit pulse counters pass cumulative data at preset time intervals directly to a dedicated website. The counter and logging function is maintained if the power is removed.

    Price Range: £98 - £98.

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  • GSM/GPRS Wireless Telemetry

    X9110 SMS Alarm and Control Module

    The X9110-SMS Alarm and Control Module is a low cost, universal GSM module which can automatically connect to all GSM Networks. Digital and serial data can be transparently passed to and from multiple Mobile Phones or other X9110-SMS Modules. The Real Time Clock can be used for sending a Status SMS messages.

    Price Range: £19.7 - £169.

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  • GSM/GPRS Wireless Telemetry

    X9103-GSM Solar Powered RTU

    The X9103-GSM Solar Powered Telemetry RTU is a complete standalone unit with its own solar panel and battery supply. It can communicate by SMS messages or direct to a Website with all the features of the X9100 series. The X9103-GSM can be pole mounted or attached to a flat surface.

    Price Range: £758 - £789.

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Remote monitoring and control of your application anywhere in the world using the GSM and GPRS network.

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