TX6000 Data Transmitter

TX6000 Data Transmitter

The TX6000 Radio Module is a long range credit card sized, half watt Transmitter. It has a fast attract time and low power consumption. The radio module RF power can be adjusted from 5mW to 500mW with a frequency range of 420MHz to 470MHz.

Product Details


No operating licence required.
Range 10-20km line of sight, 1-3km in buildings.
RF frequency range: 458.50 MHz to 458.95 MHz 420.00 MHz to 470.00 MHz.
RF power output . 5mW to 500mW.
Data rates: up to 10Kpbs.
TX6000 transmitter power 5.5 - 8.5V at 170 mA.
RX6000 receiver power 5V at 15mA.
Approvals: ETSI 300-220, MPT1329.
Size 36mm by 51mm by 12.5mm.


The TX6000 transmitter and RX6000 receiver are compact crystal controlled modules capable of transmitting data at 10Kbps for a distance of up to 20km line of sight and 1-3km in buildings.

The modules are crystal controlled for fast response, low power consumption and frequency stability. They are supplied tuned to a specific frequency in the range 420MHz to 470MHz and 869 MHz. Modules with different set frequencies are easily interchanged by means of a pcb mounting socket.

The radios are ideal for general telemetry applications. The TX6000 will transmit analogue data such as FSK, FFSK, GMSK and PWM from its analogue input or accept direct TTL digital data from its digital input. The RX6000 will receive analogue and digital data and present it to its analogue and digital outputs in the same format as it was transmitted.

The units conform to MPT1329 and ETSI 300-220. In addition they comply with EMC Directives EN 50 081-1 for emissions and EN 50 082-1 for immunity.

Power Supply:

Transmit: 5.5 - 8.5V at 170 mA
Standby: 5.5 - 8.5V at 20 mA

Ref Description Downloads Price Quantity  
TX6000 Crystal Transmitter 500mW £196.00
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