X7120 Radio Telemetry Link

X7120 Radio Telemetry Link

The X7120 Radio Telemetry Link transmits digital, and analogue data over a range of 1-3 Km through buildings and 10Km line of sight. All parameters can be displayed in scaled units on both the transmitter and receiver. Multiple TX7120 Transmitters can be mapped to a single RX8100 Base Station.

Product Details


 4 Digital Inputs Activated Low.
 4 Digital Outputs, Voltage Free Contacts 30Vdc @ 1A.
 1 Analogue Channel 0-20mA, 0-10V.
 LCD Display for Scaled Analogue Input, Pulse Counter Total, Digital Inputs and Program Menu.
 IP65 Polycarbonate Enclosure.
 Type approved to ETSI 300-220, ETSI 300-683.
 Powered from 12V, 24Vdc, 110Vac, or 240Vac.
 Size 160mm by 80mm by 55mm.

The variants of the TX7120 Transmitters are:

TX7120-UHF-25 on 458MHz at 25mW with a range of 1Km-2Km.
TX7120-UHF-500 on 458MHz at 500mW with a range of 1-3Km through buildings and 10Km in free space.
TX7120-869-500 on 869MHz at 500mW with a range of 1Km through buildings and 4Km in free space.
TX7120-VHF-5W on 147MHz to 174MHz at 1W/5W with a range of 6-10Km through buildings and 40Km in free space.


The X7120 Radio Telemetry Link transmits analogue and digital data by means of low power VHF or UHF radio. An LCD display is provided so that the digital inputs and scaled analogue inputs can be continually displayed in real time at the both the transmitter and receiver. Dots will appear on the LCD display to indicate a radio transmission. The display is also used for the set up menu.

A number of TX7120 transmitters can be used to transmit data to a single RX8100 XNET Receiver. The destination of each input is programmed into a TX7120 by means of a set up menu along with a transmission time. The TX7120 then transmits the status of its analogue and digital inputs at its time slot to the outputs on the RX8100 Receiver. The receiver data can be presented as physical outputs or in serial form direct to a SCADA package.

The TX7120 low power, battery operated variant will transmit the status of its digital and analogue outputs at preset times or when any change occurs. In addition, a battery status indication is displayed and transmitted to a digital output on the receiver.

Ref Description Downloads Price Quantity  
TX7120-UHF-500 UHF Telemetry Transmitter LCD IP65 500mW Range 10Km £359.00
TX7120-869-500 UHF Telemetry Transmitter LCD IP65 500mW Range 4Km. £359.00
RX7120-UHF UHF Telemetry Receiver, LCD, IP65, 4 Relay O/P, 1 Analogue O/P £366.00
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