X7600 Lone Worker Alarm

X7600 Lone Worker Alarm

The TX7600 Lone Worker Transmitter has a range of 1-2Km through buildings with a 500mW, UHF radio. A panic button and a motion sensor on the belt mounted unit will trigger an audible alarm on both the transmitter and receiver. An auto dialler at the receive can then dial preset telephone numbers to call help.

Product Details


Range 1-2Km through buildings
120dB Alarm Sounder.
10 second warning before Alarm
Alarm cancelation from the Transmitter
Panic button.
Motion Sensor.
Intelligent pause facility.
Status indication.
Dual reset buttons.
Exceptionally robust.
Rechargeable battery
Repeater available for large site coverage.

Alarm indication LED and voltage free contact.
120dB Alarm Sounder.
Mains power supply with 48Hr battery backup.
Mains fail indication.
Test call monitoring from transmitter.
Battery low indicator.
Four assignable relays with programmable time delays.
Multi channel expandable.
RF Signal Strength Meter.


The radio alarm transmitter is a portable unit which clips to a belt and sends radio signals from the lone worker to the monitoring receiver. When the transmitter is removed from its charger, it runs through a self-test routine for 5 seconds. During this routine the unit tests its battery and memory. When the routine is complete, the unit is ready for use. Normal operation is indicated by the green light flashing slowly.

When the red emergency button on the top of the transmitter is pressed, the red light illuminates while an alarm signal is transmitted and the location sounder is activated. Pressing both of the reset buttons together will cancel the alarm and sounder.

After the self-test routine, the transmitter starts monitoring movement. If it does not detect any movement for a specified time, it emits a bleep to alert the lone worker. This may be cancelled by the lone worker by pressing the pause button or by tapping the unit and causing movement. If the alert is not cancelled, the red light illuminates and an alarm signal is transmitted and the location sounder is activated.

The monitoring receiver is a wall mounted unit which receives radio transmissions sent from Lone Worker transmitters. When an Alarm is received an associated relay is activated along with the 120dB Sounder. The alarm remains active until reset by the Transmitter or accepted by pressing the Alarm Accept button. The receiver is mains powered with an internal 48Hr battery backup. An alarm is triggered if the mains supply is removed from the receiver.

Ref Description Downloads Price Quantity  
TX7600-2 Lone Worker Transmitter, Motion Sensor & Pause Facilities £515.00
RX7600-1 Single Channel Alarm / Receiver Panel £695.00
RX7600-2 Two Channel Alarm / Receiver Panel £775.00
RX7600-4 Four Channel Alarm / Receiver Panel £850.00
X7601 Single Bay Charger
X7602 Two Bay Charger
X7605-2 Telephone Auto Dialler
X7612 Configuration
X7613 Battery Back-up For Receiver Panel
X7702 120dB Wall Mounted Alarm
X7705 Nylon Belt and Clasp Assembly
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