X8200HP-UHF Long Range Radio Modem

X8200HP-UHF Long Range Radio Modem

The X8200HP-UHF Radio Modem has a range of 3 to 7Km through buildings and up to 30Km line of sight. It transmits and receives half duplex serial data at interface baud rates of 1.2K to 115.2K by means of narrow band FM Radio operating on 420MHz to 470MHz.


Product Details


Operates on international licensed and licence free radio bands.
RF Bands: 420MHz to 470MHz UHF.
Conforms to ETSI 300-220, ETSI 300-113, ETSI 300-683, MPT1329, MPT1411.
RF Power 1W or 5W.
Distant Modems can be monitored and configured over the radio link.
15 selectable radio channels.
Range 20Km to 37Km line of sight and 3km to 7Km through buildings for ERP of 5W.
RS232 & RS485 serial Interface with baud rates of 1.2K to 115.2K.
Over air commissioning and diagnostic features.
Store and Forward Repeater Mode to extend range.
Addressable individually and globally.
On-line AT commands.
Packetised Data, and Forward Error Correction options.
Low power standby mode.


The Radio Modem can be operated as a point to point or point to multi-point system. The configuration menu of the X8200HP-UHF can be accessed either by a PC running any terminal emulation program like Hyper Terminal or remotely over the radio link.

Video Tutorial
X8200 Radio Modem Configuration

Power Suppy:

The X8200HP-UHF Radio Modem is powered from DC source of between 10V or 14VDC. In receive mode it will take 120mA and in transmit 1.6A with an ERP of 5W.

Ref Description Downloads Price Quantity  
X8200HP-UHF Long Range Radio Modem £529.00
X7201 Power Supply & PC Cables
X7207 Ethernet Bridge £296.00
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