X9100-GSM-3 Telemetry Engine

X9100-GSM-3 Telemetry Engine

The X9100-GSM Telemetry Engine is a low cost, fully programmable GSM/GPRS module which can transmit receive and log analogue, digital and pulse counter data to any device connected to the GPS/GPRS network such as mobile phones, Web Sites or other X9100-GSM Telemetry Engines.

Product Details


Automatic connection to the GSM/GPRS Network.
Measurement and Control by SMS messages dedicated Web Site or Server.
Powerful PC Configuration Utility and Simulator.
Remote Configuration by SMS Messages or GPRS.
Real Time Clock for Logging and Watch Dog SMS.
LCD Display for local display of Parameters and Status.
Data Logging.
8 Digital Inputs.
4 Pulse Counter Inputs, 32 Bit.
2 Relay Outputs Rated at 1A, 240Vac.
4 Digital Outputs.Open Collector.
4 Analogue Inputs .
Transparent Serial Data using low cost SMS Messaging or GPRS without the need for AT Instructions.
All Inputs can be configured to local Outputs.
128K FRAM Memory.
DIN Rail Mounted.
PC Monitoring and Logging Software.
Size: 68mm by 77mm by 25mm.
Power supply 12Vdc,24Vdc, 110Vac, 240vac.
Antenna not included


Alarm Monitoring using Multiple Mobile Phones
Individual digital, analogue and pulse counter inputs can trigger SMS and GPRS alarms messages and send them to multiple mobile phones, other X9100-GSM units or a dedicated Web Site. The Real Time Clock can be set to send the status of any or all of the inputs at pre-set times.

Monitoring and Control
The inputs of multiple X9100-GSM units can be configured to send their status in real time to the outputs of distant X9100-GSM units.

Web Site
All parameters can be sent to your own server or to Warwick Wireless low cost web site at:


This can be used for 28 days free of charge.

Data Logging
The X9100-GSM Engine can be configured to store values from the Analogue Inputs, Counter Inputs and Digital Inputs at preset times or when the value changes by a pre-set amount. The data is stored in the 128K Flash Memory and either down-loaded on request or at pre-set times.

Transparent Serial Data
Serial data can be transmitted and received transparently without the need for AT Instructions. Ideal for applications such as Variable Message Signs.

Energy Metering
4 digital inputs can be configured to 4 pulse counter inputs. The current value of each counter can be transmitted using SMS Messages at pre-set times or when a value has been exceeded.

GSM Base Station Location
The nearest mobile mast of any proposed installation can be located by using the following Web Site:


Warwick Wireless can offer GPRS Data SIM Cards with both standard and fixed IP Address. Call or email for more information.

Ref Description Downloads Price Quantity  
X9100-GSM-12V GSM Telemetry Engine, 8 Dig I/0, 4 Ain,4 Pulse, 1 Serial, Low Power Mode, 7V-16V PSU £188.00
X9100-GSM-24 GSM Telemetry Engine, 8 Dig I/0, 4 Ain,4 Pulse, 1 Serial, with 12V Battery Charger and Solar Panel Regulator, 24Vdc PSU
X911 Enabled for access to www.my-data.me
X612-GSM GSM Antenna 1/4 Wave SMA male right angled
X7202 GSM Programming Cable with USB Converter
X619 Antenna feeder cable 150mm long with SMA bulkhead connector
X613-GSM Mast Mounted Dipole Antenna with 3m of feeder cable
X912 16 Channel Analogue/Digital Input Expansion Module (12 Bit )
X9116 Annual charge for www.my-data.me website
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