X9103-GSM Solar Powered RTU

X9103-GSM Solar Powered RTU

The X9103-GSM Solar Powered Telemetry RTU is a complete standalone unit with its own solar panel and battery supply. It can communicate by SMS messages or direct to a Website with all the features of the X9100 series. The X9103-GSM can be pole mounted or attached to a flat surface.

Product Details


� Automatic connection to the GSM/GPRS Network.
� Measurement and Control by SMS messages dedicated Web Site or Server.
� Powerful PC Configuration Utility and Simulator .
� Remote Configuration by SMS Messages or GPRS.
� Real Time Clock for Logging and Watch Dog SMS
� Data Logging
� 8 Digital Inputs.
� 4 Pulse Counter Inputs, 32 Bit.
� 8 Digital Outputs.
� 4 Analogue Inputs .
� Transparent Serial Data using low cost SMS Messaging or GPRS without the need for AT Instructions
� All Inputs can be configured to local Outputs.
� 128K FRAM Memory.
� Polel Mounted or rested on a flat surface
� PC Monitoring and Logging Software.
� Size: 400mm by 300mm by 278mm
� 20W Solar Panel
� 2.7AHr Sealed Lead Acid Battery
� Antenna not included


Individual digital, analogue and pulse counter inputs can trigger SMS and GPRS alarm messages and send them to multiple mobile phones, other X9103-GSM units or a dedicated Web Site. The Real Time Clock can be set to send the status of any or all of the inputs at pre-set times.

The inputs of multiple X9103-GSM units can be configured to send their status in real time to the outputs of distant X9103-GSM units which can be connected to a SCADA Package via the serial port.

All parameters can be sent to your own server or to Warwick Wireless low cost web site at :


This can be used for 28 days free of charge.

The X9103-GSM can be configured to store values from the analogue inputs, Counter Inputs and Digital Inputs at preset times or when the value changes by a pre-set amount. The data is stored in the 128K Flash Memory and either down-loaded on request or at pre-set times.

Serial data can be transmitted and received transparently without the need for AT Instructions. Ideal for applications such as Variable Message Signs .

4 digital inputs can be configured to 4 pulse counter inputs. The current value of each counter can be transmitted using SMS Messages at pre-set times or when a value has been exceeded.

The nearest mobile mast of any proposed installation can be located by using the following Web Site:


Warwick Wireless can offer GPRS Data SIM Cards with both standard and fixed IP Address. Call or email for more information

Power Supply:

The X9103-GSM has the following power supply option:

20W Solar Panel with 12V, 2.7AHr Battery
40W Solar Panel with 12V, 7AHr Battery

Ref Description Downloads Price Quantity  
X9103-GSM-20 Solar Powered RTU 20W £758.00
X9103-GSM-40 Solar Powered RTU 40W
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