X9104-GSM Bore Hole and Tank Monitoring System

X9104-GSM Bore Hole and Tank Monitoring System

The X9104-GSM Bore Hole and Tank Monitoring System is a standalone solar powered unit which can automatically connect to the GSM and GPRS Networks. It can send data on the current level of water in a Bore Hole or Tank by SMS text message or by GPRS directly to a Website. Multiple alarm thresholds can be set to trigger SMS messages. Water levels can also be logged and transmitted a pre-set time intervals..

The preset alarm thresholds can also be used to switch on and off external pumps and alarm sirens using the 8 digital outputs.

The X9104-GSM is supplied pre-configured or the Configuration Utility and Simulator can be used to customised the unit to specific requirements

Product Details


SMS Text Message Alarms and Time/Date Status Report.
Log and Display the data on your own Server or GPRS Web Site www.mydata.me
Submersible Level Sensor 0 to 10m
25 metres of Cable marked in 1 metre markers
Remote Configuration by SMS Messages or GPRS
Local Pump Control using programmable set levels.
Real Time Clock for Logging and Watch Dog SMS
LCD Display for local display of Parameters and Status (Option)
Data Logging
8 Digital Inputs.
4 Pulse Counter Inputs, 32 Bit.
8 Digital Outputs.
4 Analogue Inputs .
128K FRAM Memory.
Size: 300mm by 273mm by 400mm
Power Supply Solar Panel and Sealed Lead Acid Battery.


A Level Transducer which operates on water pressure is lowered into the Bore Hole or immersed in the Tank. Alarm levels are set at required levels which trigger SMS text messages or GPRS data strings. These could be messages such as Level Low Alarm, Level High Alarm or Water Level 10m. Data and Time stamps along with location identifies can be added to the messages.
The Loop Back features can be used to start and stop pumps at pre-set levels.
The length of cable supplied with the Level Transducer can be specified when an Order is placed.

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